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Josh Cronemeyer

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Product focused engineering and leadership — If you're building what's right, everything makes sense. I work on teams that communicate well and have the courage to ask questions when things don't make sense. I'm experienced taking high level business goals and identifying the engineering principles and practices necessary to achieve them. I build and scale great products by: creating strategy for an MVP and executing it, supporting customer aquisition, scaling the software to millions of customers. That means I care about customer support, logistics and measuring everything along the way. As a programmer I value quality and craft. As a leader I value transparency. As a creative I value interesting problems and beautiful ideas. My strong background in server-side software and complex problem spaces like event ticketing and airline reservations means I'm ready to tackle challenging domains. I'm equally comfortable building rich client side applications in JavaScript and implementing semantic, pixel-perfect designs in HTML and CSS. Please contact me for further details and references.


In event ticketing, every day is Black Friday. Scalability and stability are the holy grail of ticketing platforms, where tens of thousands of customers vie for scarce resources in real time; even small mistakes can incur huge customer service costs and a social media nightmare. As VP of Engineering at Applauze, I led the engineering team and acted as product owner. We created an industry leading ticketing and analytics platform, selling tickets for hundreds of bands to millions of customers.


Nine billion dollars a year. That is how much Southwest Airlines website pulled in back in 2008 when I was a Senior Developer for ThoughtWorks on a team that completely re-wrote the SWA reservation webapp. We had to scale to handle over 300 bookings per minute. We had to integrate with a dozen backend systems, and we had to get it done in six months.

The Oregon TwailOregon Hero

My current pet project is to re-think and re-implement the classic Oregon Trail game for the modern web.

Team building
I've spent a lot of time interviewing, mentoring, advising and listening
Lots of fun times scaling stuff. Here are some words: automated performance tests, caching, REST, parallelization, serverless. Those words happened with technologies like HTTPerf, Redis, Cloudfront, Resque, DynamoDb
Proud Problem Solver
I designed a system for managing inventory, shipping, invoicing and payments. I also designed automated customer support software to reduce call and email volume.
OO Languages
I use Ruby, JavaScript, Java and horse around with Python and Io
Yeah, I know when to stop worrying and love the monolith, but Microservices are how I roll as things scale out.