About Hydration = 72%

How it works

To use the calculator simply drag the right edge of a box. This will allow you to change the quantity for all listed ingredients. There is a lock icon next to the hydration. Clicking locks the hydration and lets you add more or less of a particular ingredient, and the rest of the ingredients scale to maintain the desired hydration.

Why it is here

I made this for my own entertainment, but also because inevitably my starter is at a different hydration than what the recipe calls for and then the dough ends up too dry or too wet. This calculator fixes that, and tries to do it in style.


If it isn't working right or you have bright ideas visit the project issues page and leave your feedback at the alter. If you just like it and feel like telling somebody I suggest you try the tweet button.


Sourdough Hydration Calculator Copyright (C) 2011 Josh Cronemeyer

This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY

That is to say if your bread doesn't turn out. It's not my fault :)

This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions.

See the Free software foundation GPLv3 for details.

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